Important Reminders

Important Reminders
back to schoolParents,

Thank you for your patience as we are trying to work out our breakfast changes.  Unfortunately the district requires students to go through the cafeteria for breakfast.  We have tried several things to help move our line and may have to make more changes still.  But these are the important things you need to know as a parent.

1.       If you want your child to eat breakfast, the must be here by 7:50.  After this week, there will be no exceptions. We start letting people out of carline by 7:30.

2.       If you arrive before 7:50 students must go to cafeteria.  After 7:50, they must go to their classrooms and they will not get breakfast.

3.       All students must be car riders or bus riders.  Do not let students off anywhere except the point where there are teachers in carline.

4.       Carline drivers must go around football field.  Do not drive between gym and buildings to get into line.  We will have signs up in the morning for reminders.

5.       Parents cannot walk their students to class. Please do not park and walk your students to cafeteria or to their classrooms.

6.       Please help your child learn their lunch/breakfast number.  The number is their student number.  We will make sure that teachers send them home today.

Everyone in afternoon carline must have a Name card.  Mrs. Lewis knows everyone, but there are days when Mrs. Lewis is not here, or people have others picking up their child.  If you do not have Name card, you must park and go to office with ID to get new card.