Kevin Foshee

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.  Eugene Ionesco Decouvertes

Warrior Elementary Gifted and Talented Program

2016-2017 RLC/TAG 3rd-5th Grades

Welcome!  I’m excited to be at Warrior Elementary!  We’ve got a big year planned, full of hands-on projects and learning.  I hope that you come ready to work and learn and see what we can do together.

Schedule:  Elementary gifted students are served through pull-out classes that provide 3 hours of instruction per week. 

3rd Grade – Monday  8:20-10:30, 12:05-12:55  (we will start soon)

4th and 5th Grades – Tuesday 9:05-11:20; 12:25-1:10

While you are with me, you’ll be reading, writing, computing, problem solving, and learning concepts at or significantly above grade level.  Should you experience difficulty in the regular classroom, we’ll work closely with your classroom teacher to make sure you’re not missing key concepts and skills.  If there is anything you don’t understand, be sure to get with your teacher upon returning to class to catch up.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for help!  This may come in the form of working with a partner, extra time, or even shortened assignments to help you.

Please let me know if you are feeling stressed before you get in a jam.  We can work together to make sure that you enjoy your experience in the gifted program.

Units for the Year:  Exploration

Space:  Our study of space is divided into two parts:  space exploration and rocketry.  Students will perform creative experiments, design rockets, and explore the known universe help them design planets of their own.

Creative writing:  You’ll get the opportunity to write and edit your own short stories and poems throughout the year.

American/Alabama history:  We’ll study Native Americans and their impact on Alabama and colonization.  We’ll also do a fun unit called Discovery, where you will form teams to colonize the New World.

Parents, please don’t hesitate to email me (